How we work

Boardroom Focus

We focus on strengthening the leadership behaviours and attitudes that can improve performance.

How we work

Being a leader, taking on leader roles, responding to leaders, supporting and nurturing them is an ongoing activity.

A company needs to be flexible and responsive to the changing demands of its stakeholders and customers. When staff are confident that they are supported and encouraged to thrive they will grasp opportunities and progress them.
The attitudes, behaviours and culture which supports leadership and its different styles should exist throughout the organisation.

At Boardroom Focus we believe there is potential in everyone.

Tell us about the areas of strength and success along with the challenges you and your organisation are facing, and we will work with you to and develop stronger skills and competences in leadership.


Bespoke Projects

We work with teams to design, implement or review a change programme.

We facilitate sessions of challenge and/or reflection to review projects or programmes that could benefit from independent eyes and ears and different perspectives.

Talk to us about what you would like to achieve and we will work with you to develop an offer focused specifically on your desired outcomes.

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Case Study - Large organisation

A multinational global bank asked for two sessions (six months apart) to energise and enthuse women to become more assertive and proactive in their career choices. Ruth delivered these in Hong Kong and through video link to New York, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore as part of a wider programme which also included mentoring and CV-writing.


As a result, there has been a significant increase in women gaining promotion, challenging salary reviews and, importantly, improved retention.

Case Study - Small organisation

A small organisation that provided gymnastic classes for young people needed to improve its key stakeholder relationships, Ruth designed and facilitated a development day to bring together board members, as many of the young people as possible, their parents and gymnastics tutors.


The event led to an increased understanding about the flexibility of class timings, the teaching approach and developed an enthusiastic group of supporters ready to fundraise and engage more closely with the centre.


Better Conversations

Better Conversations are bespoke facilitated meetings for up to 12 participants. These can be in-house events or an opportunity for you to bring together clients and members of you team to define the behaviours and parameters of a project.

Collaboration is rarely an easy option yet it offers different ways of working and learning that benefit everyone involved in both the development and the delivery. Better Conversations provide a safe structured and confidential space to debate difficult or challenging topics and achieve defined, agreed outcomes.

Examples of a Better Conversations event include

– A project trouble-shooting session
– Reviewing lessons learned
– Developing an action plan to move from diversity as a ‘tick box exercise’
– Discussing ethical behaviour at work and how to make sure it happens

Collaboration offers different ways of working and learning that benefit everyone involved in both the development and the outcomes.

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Space to talk

We have clients who welcome a one-to-one opportunity to talk through their current issues or challenges. This is not coaching.

A conversation over a good cup of coffee (Other beverages are available) …can make all the difference. Acting as a confidential trusted advisor, we meet when it suits you, at your request, for the time you need – as often or infrequently as works best for you. It’s your call.

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Case Study - Space to talk

Ruth recently met a young woman who wanted to discuss her new venture.  As the conversation ended, she realised how reviewing her personal objectives gave her more clarity on her work-life balance.


This impacted directly on how she decided to lead her new venture.